Urethra Masturbation? The secret and danger of that pleasure. What are different types of urethra masturbating toys?

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What is urethra masturbation?

What is urethra masturbation?

Urethra is a tube that is connected through bladder and expels out urine from human body. In males, Urethra tube is placed into penis that works for dual purpose as removing urine outside and semen too. It is 8 inches long tube. Semen comes out through urethra tube during intercourse or masturbation. When penis erect during intercourse, the urine flow gets blocked by urethra and only semen comes out. Likewise in females, urethra is placed between vagina and clitoris that works as to discharging urine outside through urinary bladder. It is bit shorter than man’s tube as it is only 2 inches long tube.

Urethra masturbation is done at penis where stimulates urethra of penis and reach at dry orgasm. People may use urethra toys for masturbation. Urethral masturbation is performed also to stimulate prostate of man to get dry orgasm. Females may rub their clitoris to performed urethra masturbation. Massager may use by females to masturbate their urethra. Females need to rub the part between clitoris and vagina to get stimulation. Females will get steamy orgasmic end after masturbating their urethra.

What is urethra masturbation toy?

What is urethra masturbation toy?

Urethra masturbation male sex toys are used by males and females both to stimulate their urethra. In males, they discharge their urine and semen as well with urethra tube. Urethra tube blocked the flow of urine when penis gets stiff during masturbation. But it is not a masturbation it is just to give relaxation to prostate after inserting into penis or urethra tube.There are many urethra toys are used to insert into urethra such as urethral catheter, urethral bougie, urethral vibrator and urethral ring plug. Men can use cock ring, penis pump, fleshlight, penis sleeve with Urethra toy, but carefully.

These urethra toys are available with various designs and sizes so anybody may use it. It comes with metallic structure, vibrating function and with nozzle. So anyone may use to take pleasure on their prostate.But it is advisable to use it only after taking proper consultation to doctor because it entering on very delicate part of body or genitals.

Urethra masturbating toys types

Urethra masturbating toys types

Urethral Catheter

Urethral is a medical device which is used by doctors. It is nozzle shaped plastic device that will make enter into penis. If looking to masturbate urethra then open urethra with finger and thumb and insert catheter. Be conscious while entering. Never make any forceful action even you may use jelly for easy entering.

Urethral Bougie

Urethral Bougie is a metallic tool which is used by doctors. It may use for urethra masturbator but without consultation of doctor it may get danger and risky too. Females may also try this. It is hard in texture so insert it till 20 to 25 cm. It may hit the prostate gland and may tear it too. So do not go above 20 to 25 cm. But all of that take first doctors consultation.

Urethral Vibrator

Urethral vibrator is made with thin metal. It is used to stimulate the prostate with very delicate motor vibration. It is thicker in size that gives vibration effects into urethra. It should be used with gel rather than lotion and under the guidance of doctor.

Urethral Ring Plug

Urethral ring plug is extremely thick from the other urethral instruments. It is 8 mm widen rod shaped instrument that is used to entering into urethra. Urethral ring plug is made with stainless steel and ring attached at behind of it.

Urethra risk of masturbation

Urethra risk of masturbation

Prostate toys also help men to achieve the orgasm. When men insert the prostate toys into the anal then the prostate toys touch the prostate which is most sensitive. The prostate help the reproductive system to make the semen. The semen carries thousand of sperm. Prostate also contain the smooth muscles which help men to expel semen during the ejaculation. When the prostate toys hit the prostate then it help men to achieve the climax which cause the ejaculation.



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