What is male sex toy? History and basic information in India.What are different types of male sex toys?

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What is male sex toy?

What is male sex toy?

Male sex toys as the name state the toys which are prominently manufactured for males. Male toys are only used by males to have the pleasure of solo session or oral sex with a partner.

Male sex toys are including cock rings, Fleshlight, penis sleeves, penis pump, sex doll, prostate and urethra toy etc. All these sex toys for males are enough capable to give satisfaction to males. There are numbers of males toys are prepared for a sexual encounter or for a solo purpose. Males may select toys as per their choice. All these male sex toys are available in different shapes and sizes.

Whenever using male sex toys then it will be better to use with a partner to enhance passion. If males are amateur then they may choose small size toys or if they are experienced then they may try some larger sizes.

Types of male sex toy

Types of male sex toy

Many sex toys are prepared for males for taking pleasure into genitals. These male sex toys are cock rings, fleshlight, penis sleeves, penis pump, sex doll, prostate etc.

If males are using Fleshlight or masturbator for relaxation then they may purchase as per the size of their penis. This masturbator is very popular among males. Most of the times, males prefer this erotic masturbator in solo or they like to use this Fleshlight with their sex partner.

Penis sleeve covers penis and testicles along and helps in masturbation or during a sexual encounter with a partner. Penis sleeves are mostly used for having intercourse with a female partner. Penis sleeves provide amazing sensation to vaginal canal during penetration. Penis sleeves are made with granules over a surface that makes friction on very sensitive vagina wall.

Cock ring helps a lot who faces issues of premature ejaculation. Males may wear cock ring at the base of the penis. Cock ring helps by delaying ejaculation in intercourse or masturbation. It restricts blood flow and delays orgasm to come.

A sex doll is also an option for males if they do not have a female partner for intercourse. It looks somewhat real female. Males may enjoy this sex doll. This sex doll provides the pleasure of sex like a real girl. It is very easy to use this sex doll. Males need to inflate air into this doll. It takes real shape then male may start to penetrate his penis into her vagina.

A prostate toy will be used as a vibrator on the anus. A prostate toy is used to hit p-spot. Males feel satisfaction into their anus if p-spot gets hit by a prostate toy. Males reach ecstasy level if penetrates well.

A penis pump is the male sex toy where males will keep this pump over their penis and will start to inflate air into it. The air goes over dildo the stimulation also gets raised. The main work of penis pump is to stimulate the penis through a pump.

History of male sex toy in India

History of male sex toy in India

Males were using sex toys from the primitive times. People of that era were using woods, plastics, rubbers, metals etc. to make sex toys. Males of that era were using sex toys such as masturbators, chastity belts, dildos etc. to quench their lust. There were very limited sources for people of that era. If they didn’t have females for sex then they may prefer sex toys to accomplish their needs.

What is popular male sex toy in India?

What is popular male sex toy in India?

There are a lot of male sex toys popular in India. But nowadays males mostly prefer Fleshlight which is used as a masturbator. Fleshlight is a masturbator of torch shaped which is used by males for their sensitive penis. Fleshlight offers real fleshy feelings on a penis and gives an amazing massage experience on the penis when it enters inside this hollow shaped vaginal canal. Fleshlight gives a real experience of female’s vagina in form of masturbator.

Fleshlight is a hollow shaped male sex toy that keeps vaginal opening or like a mouth shape opening for penis while penetration. Fleshlight keeps viscous nature inside with amazing slippery touch where penis enjoys every thrust. The texture of Fleshlight is very exciting as well as pleasurable for penis. Fleshlight is also used for enlarging the penis through erotic massage. The end becomes deep orgasmic if males do massage or masturbate in a proper way.

Fleshlight is a very smart masturbator which helps males to reach steamy orgasmic level. It may be used for taking variation in personal sex life. It is ideal sex toy or masturbator for males who do not have a sex partner. It makes perfect to users if they constantly practising masturbation and then result turns into an orgasmic delay. Fleshlight is a male sex toy with a circular entrance. It looks smaller at the outer part but afterwards it starts to spreads inside.

It is mandatory to put a condom over the penis to keep clean this masturbator from inside because it may be difficult to clean after getting dirty from inside if not putting the condom. Users are advised to not share this sex toy with anyone. It may frighten users by many sexual diseases. Fleshlight is a waterproof sex toy which is easy to wash with warm water. It permits users to use into bathroom along with partner by its waterproof quality. It can be used under a shower or into the bath tub. The climax with Fleshlight could be incredible as well as explosive for a user.



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